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Waiting for a septic repair?  Don't just keep burdening your poor toilet and adding insult to injury.  Rent one of our portable toilets until your repairs or service has been completed.

Septic Service!
A Trusted Name    


When your septic system is not happy, no one at home is happy.  Because septic problems can quickly lead to costly septic repairs and reconstruction, call a name you can trust for response, honest answers, and professional experience in residential and commercial septic service.

Regardless of the situation, we have what you need from a simple drain snake to our bed red septic service truck.  Our team will give you straight answers and give your property the tender, loving care it deserves when it is time to open the tank or field lines.

Whatever the solution, Sheffield Rentals can bring your septic service back to life.

Signs of A Failing Septic System

  • Sewage backup into the home is one possible sign of a failing system. However, backup can also be simply the result of a blockage somewhere between the house and the septic tank (this is relatively easy to fix).
  • Another possible sign of failure is a smell of sewage outside the house. If this smell is more noticeable after a lot of water has been put into the system - multiple showers or several loads of laundry (if the laundry waste discharges into the septic system), for example - this may be an indication that the leach field is failing. The smell may also be accompanied by a "spongy" feeling in some areas of the leach field, near the distribution box, or near the septic tank.
  • Ponding water, called "breakthrough", is an almost positive indication of failure of one or more parts of the system. This smell, however, can also originate at the plumbing vent. In either case, further investigation is warranted.



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